流動風景 — 城市意象』簡介




Introduction: “Transient Landscape — City Imagery”

Life in the city, when compared with life in the country-side , is richer and more full of vibrancy and colors. Nevertheless, at the back of the noisy affluence, there are always reflected the complicated emotions and mental states of humans.

Among these, the flooding of materialism and consumerism, the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor and the intensification of class conflict, the hidden anxieties related to housing and the ageing population, the issue about conservation and environmental protection that emerged as a result of the expansion of the city and renovation of the old parts of the city, the issue about cultural identity resulting from the integration between Hong Kong and the mainland after the reunification ---all these reflect contrasts and contradiction in local city life during the recent years. To artists these provided potentially rich elements and materials for creative works about various themes.

To enhance better viewing as a whole, I adopt a series approach including drawing, digital art and mixed media.

Ma Kwai Shun

city diary 1 digital print


city diary 2 digital print


city diary 3 digital print




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